Monday, April 10, 2017

Prevacation news

April 10, 2017
Happy Spring Parents,

Dare we think this fine weather will last?  We want to bring you up to speed with events occurring before and after the spring vacation.  

Grades for the third quarter have closed and report cards are in the process.  Look for them in the mail at the end of the week after April vacation.  There are no comments for this term so feel free to contact us for any clarification should you need one.

History Fair mentors have been hard at work with your children, researching subjects at the History Center, taking field trips and pulling together resources to make history come to life.  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons(except for this Friday due to Show Your Stuff) are VERY important.  After the break, groups will be formulating a presentation for the History Fair that will occur on Thursday, May 11th from 6:00-7:30p.m.  All students are expected to attend! (Coaches of spring sports should be given a heads' up.)

Writing and Reading are taking a thematic view of non-fiction historic events in Vermont.  Each child will be writing about a topic of his/her choice; then reading about it in resources such as books, articles and on the computer.  This topic may or may not be related to the History Fair project but it will deepen his/her understanding of Vermont history.

Our next Math unit, which starts today, is multiplying large numbers.  Students who are still skip counting to figure out facts are going to find this challenging.
In most cases, just working on specific difficult facts will be helpful.

We have our end of the year class trip planned for Tuesday, June 6th.  This all day event is at the Lotus Lake Discovery Center in Braintree, VT.  We will leave at 7:45 by school bus and return by 3:00.  We have room for a couple more chaperones.  Let us know if you are interested.

Last but not least, April's Book Talk is due on Friday but if students need the vacation they may have it.  One more to go for May- due on the 31st.  There will be a Scholastic News this week but only two left for the month of May.  Effort for this homework does impact grades.  Keep up the good work!

Cindy & Kelley