Monday, February 13, 2017

The Week of Feb. 6-10th Pictures and News

                  Pictures from our day at Billings' Farm

                                    Ada is thinking about ordering a hair piece from this 1890's catalogue.

                                              Kevin thinks that cleaning stalls isn't so bad!

                                        Perfect manners as we prepare to eat our 1890's feast.

                                 Mrs. Siegler wonders why they can't sit this intently while doing math.

                                                     A scratchy tongue can really tickle!

                                           Jane has something that smells salty on her jacket.
                                            Averill is contemplating how to talk his parents into a pet cow.
                                    Andrew is telling this heifer that she has beautiful eyes.

                                                        Sewing a piece of a quilt square.

                                         The newest invention-a SnowWhite rocking washer.

                                       Morgan is contemplating the horse she desperately wants.

                                                  Laundry washing in the pre-electric era.


                                                       The in's and out's of churning butter.
                                                      Please scratch my other side too, Lucy!
         We are so lucky to have Billings' Farm as a local resource for our study of Vermont history!
      (If your child is not shown in multiple pictures,  it is because the students were divided into 4 groups. Our apologies.)

                                          Our New Math Unit + and - to 10,000

                            How big is 10,000?  Making a class chart is one way to see...

Synchronized writing is very efficient.

Author Visit

Author, Dan Hammel reads his book on bullying

This week before vacation is filled with special events, not to mention our Nor'easter!
Tuesday, Feb. 14th will be Valentine's Day with a special snack and card exchange.  On Wednesday, the cafe will serve an Asian meal that we have been involved in preparing.  Students in each literature group designed table tents with information from the country featured in their books.  Additionally, we will have a presentation about alternative energy from the VEEP folks.  Thursday at 2:00, we will exchange our gifts for Winter Wishes.  Of course, Friday begins our February vacation.   If you have been wondering about February's book talk, it is due March 10th as a (shhhhh...)Valentine's gift.  No rushing over the vacation.  😍  
Cindy & Kelley