Friday, October 7, 2016

H.O.C. Here We Come!

October 7, 2016

Hello Parents,

     We would like to remind you that packing for H.O.C. should not be left to the last minute!  Over this three day weekend, please locate rain gear, a warm hat, gloves and extra shoes or boots.  Pack a toiletries kit with a towel.  Keep in mind, that any medication has to be given to Mrs. Sudol in the original container to be administered by either Miss Willis or Mrs. Siegler in a private setting.  Talk to your child about a comfort toy, book, picture or pillow.  NO food or electronics of any kind should be packed.  All clothing, water bottles, backpack, etc. needs to have a name on it.  Backpacks are necessary for carrying gear for the group hike and the ropes' course.  Please use a stuff sack or a bungee cord to keep sleeping bags from unraveling.  Double check the list sent home on the yellow sheet of paper, please.

     It has been an interesting two weeks with lots of different events.  The trip to ECHO was wonderful and we were thankful to Joanie Steele, Erin Runstein and Kim Lackley for chaperoning.
We were proud of the student's knowledge of rocks and minerals, which helped them gain understanding from the Lake Champlain geology program.  Additionally, we have visited Sculpture Fest, where students answered scavenger hunt questions as they observed the creative sculptures.
Today we are writing about fall by sitting outside on Mt. Peg with our notebooks and using our senses.

     In some Reading groups we are reading non-fiction books about Mt. St. Helens to connect with
geology.  Ada's grandparents sent rocks from Oregon to give us a real connection to the event.
Additionally, students are presenting their September Book Talks.  They are showing improvement from the August ones.  The sheet for the October Book Talk was sent home and is due on Oct.31st.

     Scholastic News student magazines are distributed on Mondays, when we watch a short video on the cover story and read the main article together.  After that, they are sent home to be read and completed by Friday.  This week several were not handed in.  This is an expected assignment in Social Studies and counts toward the 20 minutes of Reading expected for homework each night.  If your child needs more reading support and you cannot give it to him/her, we can make arrangements in school to help.  Just let us know.

Have a nice three day weekend,
Cindy & Kelley





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