Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year's Post

January 10, 2017

Happy New Year Fourth Grade Parents,

We were happy to have everyone together again after the long break!  We finished our 100 acre plots in cooperative groups and most groups have presented their project to the class.  Since these are large pieces of cardboard, it is not easy to send them home and they have shared ownership among 3-4 students.  May we suggest that you stop by the class before or after school to see the masterpieces?

With the conclusion of reading the book, Green Mountain Hero, there have been several assessments.
One was on the book, which is historic fiction and the other was on Vermont history, which has been taught in conjunction with it.  We will continue our study of life long ago in Vermont all year but next term will will be focusing on a new science unit on Energy.  Ms. Gauvin and Mrs. Siegler will be team teaching it.  Due to the shortened Fridays, we will be including a science lab first thing on Monday mornings.  It will be important to be at school on time to accommodate this switch.

Our understanding of life on a farm in the 1800's was presented by Stu, from Billings' Farm, last Thursday.  He kept the students interested in farm life by having them act out chores, school tasks, etc. with artifacts from their collection.  On Tuesday, January 24th we will spend the day visiting the Monroe family at Billings'.  Students will assume all of the tasks for the farm, including barn chores, cleaning clothes, and making the lunch.  We need a chaperone to join us; more details will be sent home next week.  Let us know if you care to join us.

Several weeks before the vacation we started a "behavior chart" with positive tallies for good behavior.  Students have enjoyed earning extra P.E. time and now will get rewarded by Ms. Klocek.
Most students have made the connection between his/her own actions and the consequences.  Grades close this Friday and report cards will be sent home on the 30th.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Cindy & Kelley
Colton skating at Winter Workshops!

Students making candle holders for holiday gifts.

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