Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Reminders

Hi Parents,

     Yesterday students, who had their planners, were given a pink slip with the name of their Winter Wishes gift recipient.  The sheet had specific interests of that person and the guidelines for making that person a gift.  This gift is due to school on Monday, February 6th to be distributed on February 9th.  Please be sure that the survey with the student's name is attached to the gift so your child will remember the name and grade when it is time to give the gift.

    Also, Monday, February 6th is also our make up date for the day at the Monroe's home at Billings' Farm.  Your child needs to have boots, shoes, layered warm clothing and a backpack.  He/She has offered to bring something to contribute to the soup luncheon of 1800's New England food.  Please send it.  There will be time for a snack before we leave WES at 9:00a.m. too.

Thanks for your support,
Cindy and Kelley 

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